Listed Enterprises of the Year 2016

日期: 2016年11月17日(星期四)
時間: 上午11:30 至下午2:30
地點: 香港港麗酒店  Granville & Nathan Room, Lower Lobby




Hong Kong retains hold as global IPO leader every years. In 2015, the amount of funds raised by IPOs in Hong Kong have reclaimed its top ranking worldwide. Today, there are around 2000 companies listed on our stock. With the recent approval of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect by the State Council, Hong Kong is expecting to see a surge of equities investment from Mainland China. The cross-border stock trading arrangement between China and Hong Kong, second of its type after the Shanghai-Hong Kong connect, will further strengthen Hong Kong’s competitiveness in financial market. This new program is a milestone in the opening up of China’s capital account as well as an enhancement of Hong Kong’s status as an influential international financial centers and offshore trading hub.

While investors concern about the return, growth, industry future, leadership and even CSR of those listed companies, Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition is proud of presenting the prestigious awards this year. These awards aim at encouraging an open and transparent investment environment for enterprises, and attending to the rights of different shareholders. 










Mr. Mike Wong 香港上市公司商會總幹事黃明偉先生
Chief Executive Officer of The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies 


Ms. Chan Mable, JP   財經事務及庫務局副秘書長(財經事務)1 陳美寶女士 , JP   
Deputy Secretary for Financial Services and the treasury (Financial Services) 1

Ms. Ada Chung, JP   公司註冊處處長鍾麗玲女士, JP   
Registrar of Companies  

Mr. Clement Li   香港生產力促進局管理諮詢部總經理李寶雄先生 
General Manager of Management Consulting of Hong Kong Productivity Council

Mr. Kenneth Leung  立法會議員梁繼昌先生
Legislative Member  

Mr. Alvin  Yeung  立法會議員楊岳橋先生
Legislative Member  

Prof. Xu Yan   香港科技大學商學副院長徐岩教授 
Associate Dean of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School

Mr. Water Cheung   思博資本(香港)有限公司高級合伙人兼亞太區行政總裁張宗永先生
Senior Partner, CEO Asia Pacific, StormHarbour Securities (Hong Kong) Limited

Ms. Ashley Khoo, CFA, CPA   香港財經分析師學會會長丘培煥小姐,CFA ,CPA
President of The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts

Dr. Mark Chan   香港品質管理協會主席陳文王博士 
Chairman, Hong Kong Quality Management Association





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