Hong Kong BlockChain Summit 2018

Date: 12 Dec, 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: 08:30~17:00

Venue: Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong



The revolutionary development of decentralized database and state of the art cryptography have made blockchain technology applicable to store and share health records, to settle transactions, to verify voter identity, to retrieve legal documents, to create a trusted platform for donation, and most importantly to scale up productivity and market potential for different sectors. By connecting over 500 industry leaders, experts, tech innovators and investors from all around the world, the Summit will take advantage of Hong Kong's strength as a technology and investment hub to produce compelling and insightful conversations about big evolution ahead. Besides keynote speeches on different perspective and sectors, there will be three panels to discuss rising trends of blockchain application and its 2019 outlook.


As a business magazine with global vision and Greater China connection, the Chinese Edition of Bloomberg Businessweek is proud of partnering with CoinsNetwork, a Hong Kong based media covering latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news, to host the Hong Kong Blockchain Summit 2018 on December 12 at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.



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    Welcoming Speech
    by CoinsNetwork


    Opening Speech
    by Dr. David Chung


    Keynote Speech 1
    (Should the Financial Industry Embark on the Road to Decentralization?)


    Keynote Speech 2
    (The Future of Blockchain - Keys to Mass Adoption)


    Keynote Speech 3
    (The Next-generation Banking)


    Coffee Break / Networking


    Keynote Speech 4
    (The Future Role and Development Trend of Blockchain)


    First Panel Discussion
    (Industry: Blockchain Application)


    Executive Lunch


    Second Panel Discussion
    (2019 Industry Outlook)


    Third Panel Discussion
    (Cryptocurrency As an Asset Class)


    Keynote Speech 5
    (How do Traditional Investors Embrace Blockchain)


    Keynote Speech 6
    (The Hong Kong Legal and Regulatory Framework for Virtual Assets, as Contrasted with Singapore )


    Coffee Break / Networking


    Keynote Speech 7
    (Five Things You Should Know about STO)


    Forth Panel Discussion
    (The Surge of Security Token)


    Keynote Speech
    and Panel


    Keynote Speech

    Internet Tech Leader

    “The Future of Blockchain - from Technical to Practical”
    The businesses of huge internet companies are closely related to our daily life. They have also started to study how to apply Blockchain technology to all walks of life and the general public. What reform is going to take place?

    Financial Industry

    “Should the Financial Industry Embark on the Road to Decentralization?”
    The centralized system of traditional financial institutions has always been effective – how can the decentralization technology of Blockchain be applied to the financial system without significant conflicts? In view of the problems in the current system, is Blockchain going to play just a supporting role or takeover the industry?

    Traditional Funds

    "How do Traditional Investors Embrace Blockchain - between Bubbles and Treasures”
    From being considered by traditional funds as a bubble to the in-depth study of Blockchain. How the investment thinking has changed - just to test the market or truly embrace Blockchain investment opportunities?

    Blockchain Leader

    "The Future Role and Development Trend of Blockchain”
    Blockchain has been regarded as the future development trend of the Internet and we can see various protocol technology platforms being created. What is the future development trend and will there be a change in its role?


    Industry: Blockchain Application

    Enterprises in different industries are already experimenting different approaches to implement Blockchain technology into their existing and upcoming businesses. The early stages of these progresses can currently be seen and expected to continue to grow in maturity, what major reformation in the industry will be there in the future?

    2019 Industry Outlook

    Subsequently after the 2018 market upheaval, the field of Blockchain embraces a new structure. In this coming year, what changes will happen in the fields of regulations, investments and technology? What could be the boldest predictions for 2019?

    As an Asset Class

    Cryptocurrency remains to be a topic of great controversy in the financial industry.  What do corporate investors think about this emerging asset? Other than the authorization of ETF listing and government legislations, what factors could prepare cryptocurrencies to become an important type of assets in the foreseeable future?

    The Surge of Security Token

    The market is talking about Security Token may drive the next wave of digital assets. It unlocks the value of illiquid assets, a 10+ trillion size market which is currently only affordable for UHNWIs or institutions. If Security Token Offering is the “IPO for illiquid Assets”, what are the legal implications behind? Will Security Token be a game changer for Wall Street?



    About CoinsNetwork
    CoinsNetwork was founded by senior-level blockchain and cryptocurrency promoters to provide the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news in a simple and easy way to help readers understand the market and master the latest technological developments in the world. It was incubated by Soul Capital VC, which primarily invests in blockchain and emerging technology companies. Launched in July 2018, the news platform features the most important news in the market, connecting readers to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.


    About BlackHorse Group
    BlackHorse Group (“BHG”) is a corporate blockchain advisory firm that is founded by a team of digital asset evangelists who are driven to facilitate blockchain adoption by forging an ecosystem to support blockchain entrepreneurs and companies.


    About Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese edition
    The Chinese edition of Bloomberg Businessweek was first launched in 2011 in simplified Chinese version in Mainland China, then in mid-2013 in traditional Chinese version in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The magazine is built on the agreement between Bloomberg LP in New York and Hong Kong-listed Modern Media. The two Chinese editions have a total audited circulation of more than 400,000 copies per issue across the Straits.

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