ESG Forum and
Leading Enterprises


Date: 8 November, 2019 (Friday)
Time:     12:30 – 16:00 
Venue:   35/F One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway (Deloitte's office)  
Format: Forum, Company Sharing on ESG Best Practices and Recognition




The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong finished a consultation reviewing the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Reporting Guide and related listing rules in late July. The key focus of the consultation is to improve listed companies’ governance and disclosure of ESG activities and metrics, while emphasizing the board’s leadership role and accountability in ESG and the governance structure for ESG matters. The consultation also seeks to highlight that materiality in respect of ESG is key to meaningful and concise reporting. 

Sustainability is among the biggest global issues of our time. The United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investment defines responsible investment as a strategy and practice to incorporate ESG factors in investment decisions and active ownership. In 2015, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by world leaders in 2015 at the UN Summit were officially came into force.  By 2030, countries will mobilize efforts for sustainable economic growth while tackling climate change and ending all forms of poverty.

As one of the most influential business magazines in Hong Kong with a global vision and Greater China connection, the Chinese Edition of Bloomberg Businessweek is proud to co-organize the “ESG Forum and Leading Enterprises 2019” with Deloitte, in order to advocate sustainable development and responsible investment, facilitate the exchange ESG best practices, and recognize enterprises with outstanding ESG performance.



香港交易所剛於7月中結束就《環境 (Environmental)、社會(Social)及管治(Governance)報告指引》(簡稱ESG指引)的修訂諮詢,這次的修訂重點是要提升上市公司在ESG方面的管治和披露,並突出董事會在ESG方面的領導角色和責任,以及強調ESG管治架構的重要性。

ESG 是備受環球投資者關注的議題。2015年,各國領導人在聯合國峰會上通過《2030年可持續發展議程》,協議在未來15年推動 17項可持續發展目標,促進經濟增長及社會各方面的發展,其中包括採取行動應對氣候變化,共同實踐保護地球等願景。

作為區內具國際視野及影響力的財經雜誌,《彭博商業周刊/中文版》洞悉本港上市公司對環境、社會及管治的關注正不斷提升,聯同德勤舉辦首屆「ESG 論壇及領先企業」活動,創建跨界交流平台,表揚各企業對可持續發展、社會共融及環境保護作出的貢獻。議程主要分為討論環節,及由不同行業在ESG領域獲嘉許的優秀企業分享成功經驗,共同探討ESG對企業帶來的挑戰與機遇。


First Roundtable :

第一輪圓桌 :

ESG in Hong Kong: Moving towards Global Standards*




Second Roundtable :

第二輪圓桌 :

Creating Long Term Investment Value through ESG*




Third Roundtable :

第三輪圓桌 :

Company Sharing on ESG Best Practices

ESG 優秀企業分享經驗


*Forum Topic TBC 論壇議題待定




12 : 30 - 13 : 00


13 : 00 - 13 : 30

Welcoming Speech by Deloitte 
Opening Speech by Mr Joseph H.L. Chan, JP

13 : 30 - 14 : 00

First Roundtable:
ESG in Hong Kong: Moving towards Global Standards

14 : 00 - 14 : 30

Second Roundtable: 
Creating Long Term Investment Value through ESG

14 : 30 - 15 : 50

Third Roundtable: 
Company Sharing on ESG Best Practices

15 : 50 - 16 : 00

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